DJ Tunez is on a mission to spread Afrobeats culture around the globe. Over the years, he has established himself as a world renowned Afrobeat/Afrobeats DJ, producer and tastemaker with his hands on the pulse of the culture. You can catch him on tour performing alongside world-renowned artists and industry influencers at numerous parties, concerts and music festivals.


Every year, his global tour ends with Blackout, the biggest Afrobeat/Afrobeats party in America. Blackout is designed to showcase the rich cultures of the African Diaspora in a night filled with art, dance and music from around the world. Attendees are taken on a musical journey that transports them from one continent to the next with rhythmic beats and seamless transitions.


Blackout started in Brooklyn, NY with one goal in mind, to bring together people of all backgrounds for an extraordinary night of heart pumping fun and excitement. Six years later, DJ Tunez is recognized as the undisputed king of AfroBeat/Afrobeats music in New York City and Blackout is the can’t miss event of the year. Throughout the night, DJ Tunez and friends seamlessly fuse African, Caribbean and American music showcasing the vibrant and infectious attributes of their respective cultures. Blackout is undoubtedly the ultimate night of musical appreciation.


This year, we plan to take Blackout worldwide with stops in London, Los Angeles and Lagos, Nigeria. Each event will feature DJ Tunez alongside local and international acts as they blend the rich sounds of their native music.

So stay tuned as your favorite DJ continues his global quest to spread the love of Afrobeats culture to the world.


More cities to come in 2020!